Discord Moderation at your fingertips!

In Closed-Beta.

Our Mission.

We believe that the online moderation community is lacking a centralized source for resources, guidance, and mentorship. Inclusivity & transparency take a front seat in everything we do. All of our finances, code and designs are publicly available on their respective platforms. We want everyone to be a part of our building process, and we want to create something impactful.

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We're building a platform for Moderators.

Dmod will be the home for Moderators online, with profiles, free Vanity URLs, past position & timeline slots, and more. Share your experience with others & discover new friends in your industry.

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Are you a Server Owner?
Dmod is for you, too.

Server Owners have been wasting time using random tools for way too long. With Dmod, you can create custom application forms, share them with a Vanity URL, collect responses, write mod reviews, and more. All built to help make managing a community easier!

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Built By The Community

We want this to be a team effort; Dmod was built with the help of Discord Partners, Verified Developers, Certified Moderators, and highly experienced community members. We're even open source on GitHub!

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